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About the ZephIR

The ZephIR (pronounced zeffer) is a device which connects to a computer through a USB port.  It enables you to use your computer to control almost any piece of equipment designed for infrared remote control.  It is commonly referred to as an “ir blaster”.

It can control DVD players, receivers, VCRs, satellite boxes, cableboxes, children’s toys, televisions, and a host of other equipment.  It comes with its own software and looks like a tiny black box with little LEDs on the front of it and a USB cable hooked to it.  It is completely USB powered and requires no batteries or wall warts.

On Macintosh computers, the ZephIR is applescriptable.  This means that it can be controlled by other applications such as EyeTV, RealBasic, and others.  With this scriptability, it becomes a very powerful tool to control your home theatre.

The ZephIR provides the missing link to your hardware in home automation.

Although it is currently available only for Macintosh, it will soon be available in a Windows and Linux version.  E-mail us to find out the current Windows/Linux status

What are some of its most common uses?

In home automation, it is used to turn on and off,  and configure, audio/visual equipment  (for example, use a script in Xtension or RealBasic to set your TV to your favorite channel at 6pm.)

In a home office setting, it enables the user to change channels, volume, mute stereo equipment, etc. (for example, use the ZephIR software to mute the stereo with a mouse click  when a phone call comes in.)

In an assisted living environment, it effectively extends a persons mobility.

In a DVR recording environment, such as with the EyeTV video capture device and software, it allows you the luxury of changing channels on your set top box to accomplish a recording while you are not home.

In a studio environment, it can be used to configure equipment.

In a child’s world, it can be used for controlling robots and toys.

What is included with the ZephIR?

ZephIR with USB cable.

Mounting hardware.(2 types of mounting posts, suction cup, steel washer, screws.)

Basic software on CD.

All packed in a single plastic bag without a lot of other wasteful packing material.

What kinds of software can control a ZephIR? (mac)

The ZephIR is controlled by system messages.  On a Macintosh, applescripts are used. 

We provide software which allows you to easily create “desktop remotes”.  A desktop remote is a window on your desktop which has buttons on it making it look like the remote that sits on your couch.  When you click on the various buttons, the ZephIR “fires” infrared signals just like your hand held remote. 

Because it is controlled with system messages, you can write your own software to control it if you wish. 

There are 3rd party vendors such as Elgato’s Eye TV who write scheduling software which “links” to the ZephIR.  This scheduling software enables you to make your set top box change channels at a certain time/date.  This is useful for recording programs onto a DVR.

How does it know the special codes for my equipment?

We manage an online database of codes(known as Webztir).  The ZephIR software allows you to connect to Webztir through the internet to browse and download(free of charge) our database of codes.  You retrieve your codes with a simple mouse click.  Each time you have a new piece of equipment to control, you must go get its codes(one time only) off the internet.

What if I can’t find my model number in your database?

Manufacturers often use the same set of codes across their complete product line.  Try a similar piece of equipment from the same manufacturer.  There is a good chance it will work.

What if your database does not have the codes I need?

This situation can occur since manufacturers are constantly producing new infrared controlled equipment.  The answer is the ZephIR is a learning remote.  The little black LED on the front can “see” the signals your remote makes and can record them.  The ZephIR software has a recording facility to allow you to build your own set of codes.  We also allow you to submit codes as candidates for the database.  This is how the database gets improved.

How can I buy a ZephIR?

You can only purchase a ZephIR through our online store using a credit card.  We use a secure 3rd party provider to accept orders and credit card numbers.  It is safe.  Orders received before 12:00 noon(MDT or MST) are shipped the same day(we try our best to ship all orders the same day we receive them).  We only offer FEDEX Standard overnight to keep things simple.

What are the system requirements?

Macintosh -  OSX  10.4.8 through 10.6

Windows -  Watch for information

Linux -  Watch for information

We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Buy Now!http://store.esellerate.net/studiozee/zefusb

SORRY OUT OF STOCK! 10.7 (Lion) compatible version 3.3.3 Intel Hi When we went to make a new run we discovered that we had to switch chips (the prior chip was obsoleted). We are struggling to get a new ROM code in the new chip - We actually have a production run ready to ship of 500 but no ROM. I am hesitant to promise a date given the unpredictable nature of getting the code to work reliably. We are looking for a programmer with Cypress USB/PSOC experience but have had no luck with finding anyone .... yet. That is as clear as things are today. john (and mike ) sims studioZee